The World's First
Cordless Hair Dryer Brush

Easily dry, style and volumize your hair at home and on go.

cordless hair dryer brush

Use the cordless hair dryer brush to dry, style and add volume to your hair at home or on the go.

The cordless hair dryer brush is perfect for:

How It All Started

The idea for the Cordless Hair Dryer was sparked when I left my house on a rainy day to go to an important business meeting. I had already woken up 2 hours early, showered, blow dried and styled my hair and was dressed to impress.  The minute I opened my front door and walked to my car, a gust of wind blew my umbrella away, and my hair was done for. Already too late to go back in the house and fix it, I was forced to drive to the meeting with my hair in total disarray. As I was sitting in my car trying to salvage my hairstyle to the best of my ability, I thought. “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a convenient way to dry and style my hair on the go”  Later that day I checked to see if there was already something like this on the market, and could find no options. It was then and there that I decided that I was going the be the person to invent this lifesaver, and the Cordless Hairdryer Brush was born.

You can choose in various colors

Cordless Hair Dryer Brush Specifications

Condition Brand New in Box
Age Group Adult / Children
Gender Unisex
Power/Voltage Micro USB specs. Capable of delivering up to 500mA
Gears 3 Speed Control Settings (low, medium, high)
Output Natural air preventing damage to hair.
Package Size inches (L X W X H) 7 X 3 X 2
Features Portable / Brush, Dry and Style on the go
Brand CordlessHairDryerBrush
Material Plastic with Rubber Bristles
Color Black Body with Multiple brush color options: Purple, Teal, Pink, Blue, Orange
Country Manufactured Canada

Project Timeline






Risks and challenges

Manufacturing the Cordless Hair Dryer is a big undertaking that involves a lot of scheduling,  and extremely high attention to detail. We’ll be working with a few manufacturers for the different parts of the  Cordless Hair Dryer to ensure all parts are arranged properly.

Our challenge includes ensuring each and every Cordless Hair Dryer is manufactured to the quality of workmanship we are promising to backers, as well as delivered to your door in the timeframe. Once the Cordless Hair Dryers are manufactured we have them delivered to Toronto, where we will ship them to our backers across the world.